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Ashes to Ashes lyrics (English and Hiragana) KAITO

Ashes to Ashes

はい は はい に ちり は ちり に
Ash returning to ash. Dust returning to dust.

こうりょう たる はがね の もり
When inside the bleakest metal forest,
かっさい に にた こどう に おうどう ひつじ の ゆめ お みる
any rumbling is like someone clapping, within my dreams every sheep is made of brass
めいろう たる おと の ひびき
One note ringing endlessly in my head
うみ お わたれ たからか に せんぜん せかい お ふみ しめて
Make a journey over the ocean proudly, standing on soil that is over three thousand years old

やいば の くさむら ゆれる
Just one blade of grass in the field is swaying
きぬずれ の おと ひそやか に まどう は あんたる せいひつ
even sounds of cloth are too quiet to hear, mystified by this gloomy calm
あかく うきつ きえつ
Clothed in red, disappearing from sight
むげん かいろう に たたずむ えいきゅう の まどろみ み お まかせ
Here I stand at the infinite corridor, falling into an eternal sleep

Fare thee well,
うつしみ の はな
You will bloom into
つゆ と きえ ぬ
A brief but brave new you who will fade like dew.

めぐる つら なる かげ
Shadows. Surrounding me again.
くらき ねむり からまった こどく の いと
No rest comes in my sleep. Tangled up in a solitude created by me
まわり まどう しんちゅう の こころ
Spinning round, getting lost, grinding in me, a brass heart

こうこう たる やみ の てんがい
Brilliant pitch-black overtaking the sky
ぬばたま の ゆめ に ほろび ゆく おうどう らくど の あにつ に
What I dream under it is equally as dark, perishing just before I reach my paradise
せん ねん の ねむり お さます
Ringing stirs my thousand year slumber
かね の おと に にた ひびき あれ
Hoping to hear the shaking of that bell again,
おうどう ひつじ の ゆめ お みる
Within my dreams every sheep is made of brass

けんらん たる もうせん の うみ
Gorgeous carpet stretches like sea
まくつ に きえ いる どうけし の うら めく こどう に とも ふるえ ゆく
Trembling along as his heart misses a beat, the fool disappears deep inside an evil den
りょうらん たる はぐるま さく
A wealth of gears twisting into motion
かけ かね おろし すべり こむ たえ なる ひびき に み お まかせ
Lowering the latch, and unbarring the entrance; now i can give in to that beautiful music

ならく. あいろ.
Abyss. Defile.
えつらく. のみ こま れて
Pleasure. Being devoured in.
たわむ. ひしぐ
Give. Blind myself.
かなでる. ほろび の おと
Play. The sounds of ruin.
つどう. つもる.
Gathers. Accumulates.
かさなる. さいご の うた.
Overlaps. The last song.
ひびけ. うたえ.
Let it sound. Sing.
となえ. "よ かえれ!"
Say. "Turn back now!"

はい は はい に ちり は ちり に
Ash returning to ash. Dust returning to dust.
はい は はい に ちり は ちり に
Ash returning to ash. Dust returning to dust.
はい は はい に ちり は ちり に
Ash returning to ash. Dust returning to dust.
はい は はい に ちり は ちり に
Ash returning to ash. Dust returning to dust.

"Turn back now!"

English lyrics from- Video above and http://vocalochu.blogspot.com/2009/12/lyricskaito-ashes-to-ashes.html

Alice in Dreamland lyrics (English and Hiragana) KAITO

Alice in Dreamland

がらす の め の おにんぎょう
The Crystal Eyed Doll,
ある よる うたいだしました
During a certain night sung,
“ねえ すてきな くに へ きみ を つれていきましょう か?”
“Hey, shall I take you to a wonderful world?”

しろい うさぎ おいかけて
Following the White Rabbit,
ふかい あな へ おちてく
Alice fell into a deep hole.
ほら もう “もどれない”
See…now she cannot “go home”.

とても ふしぎな くに
Such a strange world
のぞみ は なんでも かなう
Where whatever you wish for comes true.
ねむのき の うえ で
On top of the Silk Tree,
にやり ちゅしゃ ねこ が わらう
the Cheshire Cat grins and says

“もどっておいで よ, アリス”
“You should go back, Alice…”
うえ から よぶ こえ きこえた
She heard a voice from above…
けれど しょうじょ の め は
But the eyes of this girl
すてきな この くに に むちゅう!
Have already been entranced by this Wonderful Land!

しろい ばら の みち ぬけて
Running through the Road of White Roses,
すべて あかく そまった
Everything gets dyed a deep Red…
はて まで “おちていく”
She continues to fall ’till the end.

きにろ の とけい は
The Golden Clock
かちり おと を とめた の よ
stopped it’s Tick-Tock sound…
これ で だいじょうぶ
but it’s fine,
ゆっくり おちゃ が のめるわ
Alice will simply drink tea…
えいえん に!
For Eternity!

ゆめ の かけら の くに!
A world made from Fragments of Dreams!
のぞみ は なんでも そろう
Her wishes all come true.
きみ が すてた もの
From the people she casted away,
“ただ ひとす を のぞいて ね”
“You can only Save one of them ‘kay”

うごかぬ とけい と
The Stopped Clock and
ころがる にんぎょう ふたつ
the tumbling Doll, they both
ささやく みちびき
gently lead and whisper
“ねえ, いしょ に きましょう か”
“Hey, shall we go?”
ふしぎ の くに!
To Wonderland!

English lyrics by- http://sziur18.wordpress.com/2009/07/14/vocaloid-alice-in-dreamland-lyrics-translation/

1925 Lyrics (English and Hiragana) Miku Hatsune

Original by: Miku Hatsune

Oh such a pitiful motion,
Wearing out my tension
いがい、いがい, いけるものね
It works, it works, better than I thought.

くりかえすもんどう, こたえならむよう
Repetitive questions, but no one wants solutions.
I hate, I hate, I hate this restraint

I switch on to "Lonliness" and then begin to pray.
"Oh no, oh stop it please."

Uncontrollable dreams...
There's nothing you can't buy with money in this world
Or if I were to rephrase, in my own terms:
"Everything is for sale, just put the price tag on." Oh loss or gain, why should I care?

ホンノリとしょうしょう, チラミセのほんしょう
It shows little by little, the raw truth is subtle
so sly, so sly, not pretty to the eye.

それならばこうしよう, ズルムケのほんしょう
Now I can see the true sin, strip down to your bare skin
it reeks, it reeks, this shameless act

Looking for the one out of place and "perfecting" the world
It's this, it's that, it's them. So which do you want?

Spit out the old love that has lost its flavor
And just take the fresher mint, without a fight
You thought that the jigsaw is hard to fit around
But my piece seems to fit anywhere.

Sailing in a never-ending storm
I threw away my anchor now there's no stopping.
Life, is a rough sea journey. So let's give a name to my ship that's fitting such as "REGRET"

"Obstacles", you ask? Then shall I name them off?
Our hearts, our morals, a sense of what's right?
Even if you plan to put a giant wall up front,
したならば ほら
We will take a roundabout and say

"あい" とわ なんぞ と とわれ れば
"What is love?", would you rather hear the truth?
それ は "わたし" と こたえ ようぞ
It's something that you Lose or give straight out.
ひび われ しにくい だけ なので だいや など いらない の です
I dont need a diamond that's solid and bright, "Crackless perfection", why should I care?

English lyrics by: http://vocalochu.blogspot.com/2009/10/lyricsmiku-1925.html
I worked hard to convert the romaji into Hiragana, for people that can't read kanji but want to practice their Hiragana reading.